Bridal Makeup Trials


OK, being a former bride myself, I understand how scary makeup and hair trials can be. Especially when you have never had your makeup done by a professional before. You may have a million questions running through your head before you even sit in the makeup chair:

Will I look like a clown?
What happens if I get shiny?
Will the makeup last all night?
What if my foundation is too heavy?

A professional Makeup Artist can address all of these questions. A makeup trial is a good opportunity to try something new. Like false eyelashes! When else can you look like a princess or a sexy bride. Just remember, ultimately, you want to look like the most beautiful version of your everday self.

The good news is, there are several steps you can take to prepare for your makeup trial.

Skincare: A few weeks before your makeup trial, you will want to be really diligent in your skincare routine. You may ask, what skincare routine? Well, there is no better time to start one. Cleanse your face daily, moisturize every morning (use SPF), moisturize every night, exfoliate a couple of times a week, use eye cream at bedtime, and apply lipbalm on a regular basis. If you have any skin issues (like dry patches or acne), it’s best to see a dermatologist before your makeup trial to get control over your skin. If you have a tan, it’s best to wait until your color has faded to book your trial. The better your skin looks, the better your makeup will look.

Know the look you want to achieve: As your flipping through “Martha Stewart Weddings” and “People” magazines, rip out pictures of models and celebrities who’s makeup you like. These photos will open the conversation between you and your Makeup Artist so he/she really understands how you want to look on your wedding day. Try not to say “You’re the professional, I trust you”. If you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup, be honest. This will prevent the Makeup Artist from being too heavy handed.

Come prepared: It’s a good idea to bring your “everyday” makeup with you (even if it’s just mascara and lipgloss). This will give the artist a good sense of what colors you are comfortable in. Don’t be surprised if your Makeup Artist suggests you wear foundation on your wedding day. If your skin isn’t even, the rest of your face won’t look clean and finished.
It’s also a good idea to wear a white or ivory top, so you get a better sense of how your makeup will look against your dress. Bring a camera so you can take before or after pictures.

Questions/Concerns: Write of list of questions you may have for your Makeup Artist such as the ones listed at the beginning of this post. It’s also a good idea to ask your artist how long he/she thinks each person will take on the day of your wedding. An experienced artist should be able to manage their time wisely and work faster if the day is running behind.

Be Honest: Try not to form an opinion or ask for anything to be changed until after the Makeup Artist has finished the look. Once the application is over it’s more than OK to ask for something to be changed or to start all over. It’s easy to make changes (more blush, less eyeliner, etc…) Any artist would rather do a little extra work than risk not being booked because the bride isn’t 100% happy with their makeup. Remember, you are paying for this makeup trial, get your money’s worth!

Don’t feel pressured to make a decision on booking hair or makeup at the time of your trial. See how the makeup wears on your skin in the hours following your appointment. It’s good to take a look in different lighting and to ask a friend or your mom their opinion.

A Makeup Artist is one of the most important vendors you will book for your special day. It’s important that the person doing your makeup makes you feel comfortable because they are literally in your face a good part of the day.

The best “thank you” you can give your Makeup Artist is a good review. If you were happy with their work, it is greatly appreciated to give your friends their contact info or put in a good word on a popular wedding blog or board.

The most important thing to do at your makeup trial is to sit back, relax, and HAVE FUN!