Bridal Skincare Timeline

Your wedding is coming up and your skin could use some attention – following these tips in the months leading up to your wedding day and be confident that your skin will look it’s best!  Your makeup looks only as good as your skin so if you have dry patches or a blemish or two – here are some helpful hints for a flawless face on your big day!  



6-12 months before:

Go to dermatologist if there are any skin issues you need to address

Book your makeup artist and hair stylist

Start drinking lots of water!!

Start growing out brows if you would like them to be shaped perfectly for your wedding day

Start being diligent about your daily skin-care routine

Cleanse morning and night with a gentle foaming cleanser

Exfoliate face 2X per week in the shower

Use daily moisturizer with SPF under your makeup

Use a more emollient cream at night

Apply eye cream every night

4 months

Book a facial – either soothing or rejuvenating

If you plan on a spray tan on your wedding day – find the perfect person who will make you the perfect color and make sure they are available for the week leading up to your wedding

Start grooming those brows to perfection (tweezing, waxing, threading) make sure your favorite brow expert is available for the week leading up to your wedding

 2 months

Start thinking about other hair removal – lip, arms, and underarms and decide if you would like to try waxing or laser hair removal

Book another facial – either soothing or rejuvenating

Start looking at magazines and put together of hair and makeup you think your bridal party would like to use as inspiration – makes hair and makeup run smoother as your stylists will know exactly the look that each person would like to achieve.

1 month

Final facial

Remind your mom and bridal party to be mindful of their skin care and tell them to be careful not to get tan lines!

Remind your girls to book their manicure and brow appointments for the week of your wedding

Finalize day-of hair and makeup schedule with bridal party

Purchase touch-up lipgloss as well as any other touch-up products you may want on hand.  Anti-shine and lash glue/remover will be in the touch-up kit I will give you that day.

1 week

Remind your bridal party to be mindful of their skin care and to get their brows groomed

Remind your mom and bridal party to bring a lip color with them for touch-ups.  If they don’t wear makeup on a regular basis, you may want to pick up one or two to have on hand for touch-ups.   I will also have glosses available for purchase.

Remind girls to wear a button down so they don’t ruin hair/makeup

Finalize schedule and email a copy to everyone in your bridal party

Final tanning

Final brow/lip/underarm/arm wax

Do a facial mask – either hydrating or exfoliating depending on skin type – you may need a combination

Drink lots of water!