False Lashes? Yes, Please!

Temporary False Lashes are a MUST for all brides – it’s a great way to add a touch of subtle sexiness and really makes the eyes pop. If you’ve never tried false lashes before, your bridal makeup trial is the perfect opportunity to see if they are for you.

You can find really natural styles as well as fun ones that will add some drama. Keep reading to learn the differences between strip and individual false lashes. Once you have all the information, you can decide which option you prefer to try.



Strip Lashes: Adhere to the lash line (where your eyelid meets your natural eyelashes). If you are a crier, strip lashes aren’t the best option as they tend to lift in the corners if they get wet. Applied correctly, you shouldn’t feel the lashes once the glue is completely dry. In general strip lashes are not as comfortable as Individuals.

Individual Lashes: Adhere to your natural eyelashes with a strong adhesive that is generally water-resistant. They come in three lengths, short, medium, and long and each individual piece contains 3-5 fibers (lashes). Individual lashes are a more comfortable option and they can last a few days if you are careful and don’t add mascara to them.


Strip Lashes: To remove a strip of false lashes, simply lift the outer corner and pull gently toward the center of the face. If you did not add mascara to them, you will probably be able to use the same strip again.

Individual Lashes: I advise my clients to let individual lashes fall off on their own (should happen after a hot shower or two) but you can also speed the process along by loosening the glue with oil-based eye makeup remover, Vaseline, and/or baby oil. If they don’t come off when gently pulling, leave them to loosen a bit as you don’t want to accidentally pull out your natural lashes with them.

Strip lashes come in a variety of different lengths and styles – I usually choose a really natural pair for my brides so they blend in with their natural lashes. I prefer individual lashes as they are more comfortable and you can add as many or as few as you want. The three different lengths are fun to play with and will have people wondering if they are your own fabulous lashes.