RED is a GO – GREEN is a NO – Don’t Even Consider YELLOW

When selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses the cut, style, and shape of the dress shouldn’t be the only important factors when showcasing the most important women in your life. Color can play a major part in making your girls look their best.

The color scheme in your wedding is important but don’t sacrifice your sister’s or best friend’s comfort by putting her in a color that makes her look washed out, sick, or bigger than she is. It’s pretty impossible to find a whole bridal party with similar skin tones, so my advice is to pick a universally flattering color that looks good on your cousin who wears SPF 85 on a daily basis AND your sorority sister who can’t live without her self tanner.

The most universally suitable colors to choose for bridesmaid’s dresses are navy and purple – close runners up are crimson and fuchsia. In general, brighter and/or darker colors are the best way to go, consider jewel tones or metallic. Plus, the color contrast really makes your white gown POP!

The only greens that should ever be considered are kelly and emerald. Most greens can make ladies with olive skin tones look nauseous – especially celedon or celery! For a fresh and earthy vibe try burnt orange, melon, or coral instead.


I would stay away from pale pink or lavender if any of your girls have a ruddy complexion or rosacea. A hot color right now is blush. I love it for flowers but once the reception starts, your bridal party will probably get flushed from dancing and drinking and can end up turning the same color as the dress.

Pastels tend to make people look washed out and they aren’t the most slimming shades. Let’s take butter yellow as an example. Usually the only girls that can get away with wearing this color have naturally golden tans and are smaller than a size 8.

Need something blue?  How about your whole bridal party? Blue is great because the whole range from baby to midnight is flattering on any and all complexions. Teal is also a beautiful color on everyone and is unexpected.

When in doubt go neutral!  My favorite choice is gunmetal or platinum. It’s understated yet serves as a great backdrop for bright or pale bouquets. Of course you can always pick basic black or chocolate brown.


Maybe if you choose a universally flattering color, when your bridesmaids tell you that they will DEFINITELY wear the dress again, you may actually believe them!

Say it with me: RED is a GO – GREEN is a NO – Don’t Even Consider YELLOW!