What’s the Best Brow Filler For You?

Whether you have full brows or invisible ones, it is always a good idea to fill them in where they are sparse.  Defined brows frame the face and draw attention to the eye.  You can find a few different types of fillers.

I like to use pencils to fill barely-there brows because the wax of a pencil adheres best to the skin.  Anastasia is a brand that specializes in brows – the spoolie on the other end of this “Perfect Brow Pencil” makes blending a breeze.

Powder fillers are great if you just have a few holes to fill- make sure you choose a color that is a shade or two lighter than your hair color.   I love the trio from Paula Dorf – the colors are muted so you don’t have to worry about being too heavy handed.

Gel filler is my go-to for enhancing fuller brows that may need you may need to brighten or lighten depending on your hair color.  I LOVE this Sonia Kashuk one I found at Target.  If you are someone who changes their hair color often, this quad has everything you need for blending if you are a redhead one week and more blonde or brunette the next.

Got a few gray strands peeking through? Before you pluck them, try brow mascara – it’s easy to apply and is perfect for keeping your brows looking neat and tidy.  This one from Benefit is so quick and easy – a good one to keep in your on-the-go makeup bag.

(Originally posted on TWWP Blog.)