An About Face Workshop is designed to teach the everyday woman easy makeup tips and tricks.


Highly experienced makeup artist Meredith Hayman will show you (and a few of your closest friends) how to look your absolute best through hands-on makeup workshops designed to teach you how to apply and wear makeup confidently. Meredith’s bubbly personality and trademark sense of humor makes her immediately feel like a potential BFF, which takes any intimidation out of the process entirely.

Utilizing a “half-face” technique she learned from Trish McEvoy herself, Meredith will show the group techniques on half of a model’s face and then have the model recreate it herself to ensure that she and the rest of the group understand each and every step.

As a makeup artist, Meredith prides herself on making her clients look like the best versions of themselves. With About Face, she’s taking that to a whole new level by empowering the women she works with to do it themselves.

Throughout the course of a typical About Face workshop, Meredith will share a variety of tips and techniques about everything from the brushes she uses for each step to why she chooses a specific product. While portions of the demonstration inevitably leave onlookers open mouthed and in awe (that’s how I can make sure my makeup doesn’t melt off by lunch?!), one thing you don’t have to worry about is feeling semi-obligated to purchase a collection of products that you may or may not ever use. There is no sales pitch at an About Face workshop.